New Year’s Resolution- Balance Fun with Sense

Any law enforcement official will tell you that New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest- if not THE biggest- night for drunk driving. Which is scary for the many people who are not drinking and driving tonight, and just want to get home safely.

Police will be out in full force tonight, especially in counties where DWI Task Forces are on the roads. Statistics for counties such as Guilford are coming out for the last few years, and they show that vehicular deaths- particularly those caused by impaired drivers- are on the rise.

The Dummit Law Firm, we’d like to remind everyone to be safe this holiday. Designate a driver or have a cab service programmed into your phone. Nobody wants to be hurt, or lose a loved one to an impaired driver, and nobody wants to be the driver who causes that damage.

Does it seem odd that a defense firm is discouraging drunk driving? It shouldn’t. We’re much more than a defense firm. We’d be just as happy to help you with a civil matter, or traffic ticket, child support, workplace injury… we can be your law firm for just about anything you could need a lawyer for.

More than that, we’re part of our communities. So go out. Have a great time saying goodbye to 2012. Get a little wild, then get home safely.

And if you get in some trouble while celebrating… give us a call. We’ll be back on the 2nd.

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