Save the Planet, Share the Private Information

Parade watchers during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade received a surprise as confetti fell from the air during the festivities. A student from Tufts University, home for the holiday, noticed that some of the confetti was longer than most parade confetti. And words were printed on it. Words that, on closer inspection, appeared to be sensitive information including Social Security numbers and criminal charges. When this unusual confetti was publicized by a local news station, it was discovered that the “confetti” was actually shredded police reports. Nassau County Police Department is investigating to see how police reports ended up as party trash.

Repurposing, most people would agree, is a responsible way to get rid of papers and other paper products that are recyclable. Emptying the office recycling bin onto a crowd of parade goers, however, may not be the best way to fulfull a New Year’s Resolution about saving the planet.

Macy’s has stated that they purchase commercially made confetti. Commercial confetti is cut uniformly, is generally solid colored shreds, and does not include police reports.

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