Tragic Timing on New Safety Law

Effective October 1, 2012 – North Carolina’s Move Over Law was extended to cover Highway and Utility Workers. Previously only applied to Emergency Vehicles on the side of the road, the new law is extended to cover utility and road maintenance workers with amber lights.

The day after the new move-over law became effective, hoping to protect the lives of Highway and Utility Workers, a Department Of Transportation worker was struck and killed in Watauga County. Workers were clearing a fallen tree off of the road.

This tragedy comes as a stark reminder for why the law was needed. In addition to being law, most drivers would move over to give space to an emergency or rescue vehicle on the side of the road, but few would consider giving the same courtesy to construction workers or utility workers.

We encourage you to move over for any vehicle on the side of the road, as long as the movement can be made safely. If there is a car or debris in the next lane, or maybe there isn’t another lane, reduce speed until you pass. It is much safer to move over or reduce your speed than to be facing a Felony of Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle Charge.

If you are charged with a Move Over violation, do not pay off the ticket! Not only are fines higher for these charges, but it will also cause your insurance to increase. Call The Dummit Law Firm for a free consultation to review your options.

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