Winning in Court, Losing Face

Apple and Samsung have recently taken their publicity fight over the Galaxy design into a courtroom. A judge in the U.K. recently ruled in favor of Samsung, supporting their claim that the Galaxy is not- as Apple claims- a knockoff of the iPad. Judge Colin Birss ordered Apple to not only back off from claims of Samsung copying the iPad design, but Apple must also run print ads stating that, according to a court ruling, Samsung did not copy their design. Apple must carry a similar statement on their website for six months.

There is little doubt that Apple will appeal this ruling. If the order stands, Apple is being required to provide what amounts to six months’ worth of advertisement supporting the creativity of Samsung’s tablets. Considering Apple has won injuctions against Samsung in other courts, we can expect to see an appeal- if only to delay carrying out the order.

While this is a legal victory for Samsung, it comes with a price. The primary rationale laid out by Judge Birss was the argument that Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is not as “cool” as Apple’s iPad design, and could not be confused for the more hip iPad.

Winning a legal battle by being publicly called out as inferior. Will Samsung truly be satisfied with this victory?

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