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Ask A Lawyer: Financial Payment to DWI Victim’s Family

Question: My brother was killed in a car accident. He was a passenger in, and the driver- who was already facing court for a DWI- was drunk when he wrecked. Can I sue the drunk driver’s insurance for my brother’s death? … Continue reading

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Pay Your Money and Don’t Run

The North Carolina state legislature is currently considering what might be viewed as a “sit and wait” bill. Right now, counties are allowed to run their own pre-trial release programs. This means each county decides if it wants to use … Continue reading

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Ask A Lawyer: Could I Get Jail for my DWI Conviction?

Question: I’m facing conviction on a DWI at the maximum sentencing level, and it could involve jail time. Will I really have to serve the full sentence? Answer: It depends. By law, if you are given the full sentence of … Continue reading

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