Not Just Lawyers- Teachers

The attorneys here at The Dummit Law Firm take pride in being the knowledge leaders in their fields. Being on the cutting edge of the law helps us fight for our clients, defend our clients’ rights, and help our clients on the pathway to the rest of their life. But there is another role that Dummit Law Firm attorneys use their knowledge and expertise for- teaching other lawyers.

Today two of our attorneys, Barbara Cini and Brian Simpson, took part in a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event in Raleigh, North Carolina, put on by the National Business Institute. The seminar, titled Best Litigation Practices Within the Boundaries of Evidence Rules and Procedure, discussed evidence, experts, ethics, and new electronic discovery rules.  Barbara Cini presented the section on Ethics, while Brian Simpson presented two sections, one on Expert Reports and Scientific Evidence and the other on Electronic Discovery.

By participating as teachers in a CLE such as this one, The Dummit Law Firm’s attorneys continue to ensure quality, fair representation to anyone in need of legal representation- whether they are able to work with our firm or whether they live at the other end of the state. Providing knowledge to attorneys statewide helps us ensure quality representation statewide.

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