Drinking and Driving? Check the Weather.

Question: I saw an article that cold weather makes some electronics and gadgets less reliable, is this true for the breathalyzer tests that police give when they stopped me?

Answer: Yes. Alco-Sensor devices are sensitive to extreme temperatures and very hot or very cold weather may cause a false reading. Other devices could still give correct readings, but only after being calibrated in the cold. Calibrating the unit indoors but using it outdoors will cause a false reading.
Even if the machine was not properly calibrated, or properly warmed, this does not mean the charge will automatically be dropped! It is something to be aware of and could lead to the test being kept out of evidence. These mobile breath testing devices are supposed to be used to test negative or positive for alcohol, and to help establish the Probable Cause for the Arrest. They are not admissible in the main trial. You should discuss this with a qualified DWI Attorney.

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