What Not to Wear, Idaho

Idaho residents have decided to expand the role of their police force. Now, police in Idaho Falls are also using their police force as fashion police. An officer recently had to tell a resident to stop wearing his black bunny suit because he was scaring a young child. 34 year old William Falkingham has an eccentric- some neighbors say harmless- habit of dressing up. Falkingham also has a cowboy outfit and a ballerina dress in addition to the bunny suit, which he sometimes wears with the tutu from the ballerina outfit.


A quick internet search of articles relating to this shows readers commenting primarily on the action of Falkingham pointing his finger “like a gun” at a small child. Only Falkingham, the child in question, and the mother who reported him know whether it was a threatening pointing or just pointing as though looking at something a few feet away. What really becomes interesting here is the reaction, or lack of reaction, to the police intervention.


A man in a bunny suit, hiding behind a tree, points a finger at a small child. The child’s mother, understandably concerned, tells police. Police tell the man to stop wearing the bunny suit. There is no mention of the man being told to stop skulking around behind trees, pointing finger-guns at small children. Is this another example of people being so caught up in protecting society that the true cause for concern is being ignored?


Some commenters around the internet yearn for the good ol’ days, when parents told their children to ignore the creepy neighbors and only were concerned if the creepy neighbor was on someone else’s lawn. Falkingham has an unusual habit, but should not subjected to the Fashion Police. By all means, send out the Creepy Stalker police, but leave the bunny suit out of it.

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