No Shirt, No Shoes, No Preschoolers

A restaurant in Pennsylvania has recently instituted a rule banning all children under the age of 6. The reaction, as one might expect, has been divided. There is one camp saying that it’s about time adults could go to dinner or lunch without being disrupted by unruly toddlers. The other camp is saying that children should not be outlawed. Being America, the first response is to challenge the legality of the restaurant’s rule.

The rule is legal. A place of business can’t legally discriminate against (ban) people because of race or religion. When hiring, family status- including children- can’t be a factor. But a restaurant owner is fully within his legal right to set the age limit at 6 and older. There is, arguably, no difference between this rule and one stating that 4pm is Early Bird dinner for ages 65 and up.

Taken lightly, this debate comes down to a restaurant owner’s right to dictate clientele, and a parent’s right to not control their children. As long as the parents have somewhere to take their children, they haven’t truly been harmed.

And maybe, just maybe, the people of Monroeville, PA, can enjoy a quiet dinner out. As long as the bar patrons keep their voices down.

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