Ghost Investigation at The Dummit Law Firm

One fringe benefit from working at The Dummit Law Firm is getting the chance to do some paranormal investigations after hours in the old building that houses our offices.  It is our understanding that the building was built back in the early 1900’s and has been used for such purposes as a brothel (conveniently located close to the tobacco warehouses where the tobacco farmers would cash in their crops and have money in their pockets) as well as a boarding house for the mentally ill and destitute.  At some time or another, we have all heard voices where there is no one there or heard footsteps coming down the hall only to find no one there.  There is a door off of the kitchen that creaks open and then slams shut that has spooked many a new employee until they get use to sharing their work space with the paranormal.  And, of course, we all had a file show up in the most unlikely places that no one claims to have left it there.  It may be the ghosts getting back at us for invading their space and disturbing their rest.

During our investigations, we have captured orbs on camera and EVP’s on our recorders.  Orbs are pale and circular anomalies, that can be of any color, but are typically off white, can be any shape, but are usually circular.  They can appear crisp or fuzzy, in isolation, multiples or clusters.  Generally, the ones that we capture on film are single ones.

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