Social Security Disability

Social Security and Disability

If you need assistance with a Social Security or Long Term Disability case or have any questions about your rights, The Dummit Law Firm is here to fight for you. We will be happy to talk with you and schedule a free initial consultation. NOTE: You will only pay an attorney’s fee to The Dummit Law Firm IF you receive benefits and the Social Security Administration approves the fee.

Over time, we have found that many have questions about Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Long or Short-term Disabilities and their rights and qualifications for receiving money under the SSD or SSI programs.

At The Dummit Law Firm we fight for our clients who are struggling to get the benefits they deserve. Should you choose our Firm to represent you, these are some of the services you will receive:

  1. Prepare and file all necessary documents.
  2. Gather medical information to submit to the Social Security Administration.
  3. Contact your doctor as needed to obtain his/her medical opinion regarding your functional abilities.
  4. Request that the Social Security Administration obtain a particular examination for you.
  5. Work with you to prepare for the hearing
  6. Represent you at the hearing.
  7. Make sure that any awarded benefits were done correctly.
  8. File any necessary appeal should you lose.
  9. Work within the system to expedite the process and get a decision as quickly as possible.

Attorney Jim Green on Social Security

The following links will also help you explore your social security and disability options:

To See if You Qualify for Benefits
What Benefits Can I Qualify for?
Can I get Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs?

To Estimate Your Future Benefits
To Obtain Retirement Benefit Estimate
To Calculate Retirement, Disability, Survivor’s Benefits
To Request Social Security Statement

To Apply for Benefits
To Apply for Social Security retirement/spouse’s benefits
To Apply for disability benefits
To Apply for help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
To Check Status of Online Application

Common Transactions Once You Are Receiving Benefits
To Change Address or Phone #
To Obtain Replacement Medicare Card
To Request Proof of Income Letter
To Obtain Form 1099/1042S (Social Security Benefit Statement)
To Obtain Password

Transactions Once You Have a Password
To Check Information or Benefits
To Change Address or Telephone #
To Start or Change Direct Deposit

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